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vape terms

Vape Terms

With new vape terms and acronyms being created every day, it is hard to keep up. Similarly, every supplier and manufacturer has its own terminology for the different parts of the vaporizer and common terms. We are trying to make it simple for you to understand the main vape terms that we usually mention.

Vape Terms

  • Vape: named the word of 2014 by Oxford Dictionaries, vape is the activity of inhaling and exhaling vapor from an e-cigarette or vaporizer.
  • Vapor: the steam acquired by fluids or solids resulting from the action of heat
  • ABV: This is the state of the dry herb after it is consumed or vaporized. An effective vaporizer would turn your plant material into dark brown color. This state is referred to as ABV.
  • All-In-One Vaporizer: The common term that is used for vaporizers which are compatible with all material types such as dry herbs, liquids, wax and concentrates.
  • E-cigarette: battery-powered device with the shape of a traditional cigarette or similar that vaporize the liquid or e-juice that contains.
  • Vaporizer: larger device with more advanced technology than e-cigarettes. These are commonly called portable/handheld vaporizers or desktop vaporizers.
  • Vaporizer Chamber: small compartment located in the interior of the vaporizer where the vaping material is placed.
  • Heating Method: the mechanism of heating the vaping material.
  • Convection: the heating method where the heat is transferred to the vaping material through air circulation. This method provides a less visible vapor but generally the taste last longer.
  • Conduction: the heating method where the heating element is in direct contact with the vaping material (at a lower temperature than 450F). This method provides a thick, more visible vapor.
  • Heating Element: the component that transforms electricity into heat
  • Vaporizer Airpath: the pathway where the hot air circulates and produces the vapor
  • Vaporizer Mouthpiece: the stainless steel or glass stem that comes with the vaporizer. It is placed at your preferred height in the airpath located on the top of the unit and can also be stored in the unit.
  • Switching Arm: the vaporizer piece that lets you turn the device on and inserting the mouthpiece by shifting it to each one of the sides. Each side corresponds to a particular chamber.
  • Portable Chamber Canisters: small containers with lids to pre-pack and carry your vaping material. They can be conveniently placed in the vaporizer chamber to start or continue your vaping session. It is a very essential component if you are looking for the best portable vaporizer for outdoor usage.
  • Dry Herb Canister: small container with stainless steel perforated lids to vape your preferred dry material. These canisters maximize the airflow and heat distribution, providing a more pure material taste.
  • Concentrate Canister: small container with silicone lids to vape your preferred liquids, wax, or thick concentrates. These canisters include an organic cotton pad for e-juice usage.
  • Conduction Screen: stainless steel mesh with openings on both sides to allow the material to be in direct contact with the heating element.
  • Convection Screen: stainless steel mesh in the shape of a basket that allows the hot air to circulate through the material
  • Internal Battery: built-in battery in the vaping device. It is connected to the vaporizer at all times.
  • External Battery: rechargeable batteries that can be replaced by the user. Usually these batteries are charged by a specific rechargeable battery wall charger
  • Rechargeable Battery: a battery that can be re-charged as many times, prolonging the life of the battery.
  • Heat-on-demand: the heating system that allows you to heat your material only when you draw, instead of heating the chambers non-stop.
  • Cool Vapor Output: a refreshing vapor produced by the vaporizer heating exchange system
  • Vapor Cloud: a thick, dense vapor produced by the vaping device. This is usually achieved by using a conduction heating method and heating the material at a high temperature
  • Water Tool Attachment: the adapter that mates the vaporizer to a glass bubbler
  • Vape Draw: the inhaling process of the vaporization method
  • Active Ingredient: the component of the material that is responsible for achieving the objectives and effective results
  • Combustion: the heating method where the heat is in direct contact with the material at a higher temperature than 450F.


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