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Usage Tips and Recommendations

Here are some tips and recommendations on how we suggest vaping each type of material with the Haze Dual V3 vaporizer. The Haze is very efficient with all vaping materials, especially with concentrated and liquids.

Dry Herb Usage

Dry Herb

To vape dry herb with the Haze Dual, you can use the conduction screens, convection screens, or the dry herb canisters.

• Conduction screens provide more vapor but the taste won’t last as long

• Convection screens provide less vapor but it is a smoother draw and preserve the taste longer.

• Dry herb canisters have a stainless steel perforated lid that allows a good heat distribution and enhancing the herb taste. These are very convenient to pre-pack ahead of time and take with you anywhere (festival, camping, hiking, gatherings, etc)

The recommended temperature setting for this material is 1 to 3. The higher temperature, the more clouds you should get.

Concentrate Usage


1. Take the cotton pads out of the canister

2. Drop a tiny amount of concentrate in the bottom of the canister

3. Recommended temperature settings are 2-4

*Wax, dab, thick oils

Haze E-liquid Usage


To vape e-liquids with the Haze, we recommend using the concentrate canisters with the cotton pads in the can and silicone lids. We advise dropping a small amount of juice and using temperature setting.