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Loyalty Program

Haze Reward Points

Join and Get 10% Back on Every Purchase

Spend $1 = Receive 1 reward point

Example: a $300 purchase will give you 300 reward points, which equal to $30 in store credit for any future purchase.

How to join?

It is FREE! Simply create an account with us.

How can you start earning points?

Account Creation 5 Reward Points
Online Product Reviews 25 Reward Points
Blog Interaction 25 Reward Points
Referrals 15% Off Coupon
Social Media Participation 30 Reward Points
Purchases $1 Per Point

Points Redemption:

Every 10 points equal $1

How to view your available points?

To view your reward points please login to your Haze Account. Once logged in, you will see My Haze Reward Points in the My Account menu. My Haze Reward Points displays your total Haze Reward Points, Earning history and referrals.

How to redeem points?

On the shopping cart page you can apply coupon codes, gift cards or reward points. Simply apply the number of points you want to redeem and you are all set for a discount!

When can you redeem your points?

Whenever you want after the first purchase. However you may only use a maximum of 50 points per order.

** Reward points may not be applied to sale items, discounts, or promotions. * Reward points can only be applied in 50 point increments per order.