Haze Reservoir Glass Recycler


The Haze Reservoir Glass Recycler is hand blown locally here in the U.S.  It has a three hole percolator to help preserve taste. This is specifically made for the Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer.  It allows the unit to be plugged in directly without additional attachments.  The legs provide support for both the device and for the glass to sit securely on a desktop.  The recycling action is not only effective but it is fun to watch as it fills and spins in the tornado vortex.  It also has a carb hole to allow for clearing the remaining vapor inside the glass without removing the vaporizer.  This piece is most suitable for customers who would prefer a stationary piece of glass.  It is ideal for concentrates as it provides a low level of diffusion and is positioned so the Haze will remain horizontal. This prevents any leakage.

What comes in the recycler package?

1 x Haze Reservoir Glass Recycler

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What is a Recycler?

Glass recyclers allow vapor to pass through the clear water before it is inhaled which allows cooler vapor with richer flavor. Haze Vaporizer Recycler is not only extremely stylish but it is made of top quality American glass and hand blown in Atlanta/GA.

Do I need any additional tools to operate?

No. This recycler is designed specially for your Haze Dual V3 which will sit horizontally on the recycler and will not require any additional parts.

Dimensions of the recycler:

It is approximatly 13 ounces in weight. It sits about 10 inches above the ground. You can easily use it as a desktop piece or you can hold it and walk around with it.


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