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Expert Reviews

“After 4 years of research, we have to say that Haze Technologies’ latest release has exceeded our expectations. A compact and versatile vaporizer 4 in 1 that allows us to enjoy the best materials at an affordable price.” – Hail Mary Jane

“It’s not expensive, it’s easy to use, performs well, and it has a lot of cool features. I’m impressed with what they were able to do at this price point.” – Vape Critic

“The Haze Dual V3 is a dual chamber portable vaporizer by Haze technologies that offers both conduction and convection heating methods for your dry herbs and can also vape your e-liquids, concentrates and waxes. This is a versatile portable vaping device for those who want a solid all-in-one vaporizer, without breaking the bank.” – The Vape Guide

“The batteries are my favorite part about the vaporizer because I can always have one on the charger ready to go.” – Vaporizer Wizard

“The Haze Dual does an exceptional job at vaping whatever you throw at it. It easily ranks among the top contenders in the combo vape category. The ability to pre-load the device for traveling and when on-the-go is convenient.” – CannabisVapeReviews

“It’s an amazingly innovative portable vaporizer that offers both convection and conduction style vaping as well as the ability to vape concentrates and e-liquids. The Haze, even with all its features, is a very simple vaporizer to use.” – Paint the Moon

“All in all I would absolutely recommend the HAZE DUAL V3 to anyone. It is so versatile it’s hard for it not to suit your needs! Haze Dual V3 is certainly one of the best portable vaporizer in the market today.” – GetAVape

“This all in one vaporizer comes with the accessories you’ll need to embark on your own experience. First time Haze users will be embarking on a smooth experience. Experienced vape heads get ready to embark on a best friend experience. Everyone who used this vaporizer fell in love with the all in one capability.” – BuyVaporizersForSale

“You will not have to worry about burned fingers while changing chambers because the mechanism is interchangeable. This makes it easy to switch between vaping media without disturbing your session. Overall, the Haze Dual V3 is a solid unit” – stupidDope

“The coolest thing about the Haze is that it can do everything from dried materials to bubble hash, concentrates, and even liquid oil concentrates all in one vaporizer. ” – The Leaf

““This is a pretty dope product,” says host Adrienne Airhart about the Haze Dual V3.” – TheVape.Guide

“The main advantage of this Vaporizer with the rest of products of the market is its double chamber that allows us to vaporize both herbs and oils and concentrates, all in the same session, simply choosing which of the stoves we want to heat.” – Tuvaporizador

“The performance of this vaporizer is outstanding. It has formidable performance for both herbs as well as concentrates. It really is the complete package for a portable vaporizer, and coupled with it’s portability, it is truly one of a kind.” – imarijuanit


Customer Reviews

“This is my first vaporizer and I love it! It is well made and very easy to use. It’s small enough to fit in my bag and the small size does not take away from the great vapor quality. I love having two batteries so I’m never without.” – Sarjo

“Beautiful vape. Love the glass and stainless steel mouthpieces and removable batteries. Vapor quality is awesome and yet it is small. Love the design and the performance.” – Missert

“All I can say is wow!!! Only thing I regret is not getting a Haze sooner!!” – Mando

“After researching and watching countless youtube videos I’ve found that the Haze vaporizer offers flexibility that other vapes do not.” – Ian

“Bought the new Haze V3 from VaporSeller. Works like a beauty and super easy to understand how everything function. This is my first vape and im very happy with it so far. Hits really smooth and the clouds I can get are good even at level 3.” – MJ