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How it Works

How to use the Haze Dual V3

Haze Powerbank

1. Charge Batteries

until 3 LED indicators are solid (6-8 hours for first time use)

Haze Battery Hatch

2. Slide Open Battery Hatch

Haze Battery

3. Insert Battery Positive End Up

Haze Canisters

4. Pack Canisters

with your favorite materials and place into chambers

Haze Chamber Selector

5. Turn the Unit On

flip the switch to either side

Haze Temperature Settings

6. Select A Temperature

by pressing the selector button

Haze Mouthpiece

7. Adjust Mouthpiece

to your preferred height and start vaping!

How to clean the Haze Dual V3

For more information on how to properly clean your device, click here to watch our video cleaning tutorial.

Haze Powerbank

Mouthpiece Cleaning

1. Remove the mouthpiece

2. Use the bristle brush of the Haze Cleaning Tool

3. Scrub inside of mouthpiece several times until clean

Cleaning Heating Chamber

Heating Chamber Cleaning

1. Remove the canisters from the heating chambers

2. Use the broom of the Haze Cleaning Tool

3. Sweep remaining residue from heating chamber

Cleaning Airpath

Airflow Path Cleaning

1. Remove mouthpiece

2. Soak a Q-Tip with alcohol

3. Insert the Q-Tip in the airflow path and remove resin

Click Here to Download the Haze Dual V3 User Guide