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TNT Murder in the First Renewed with a Haze Vaporizer

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Murder in the First returns to TNT for its second season premiere.

TNT’s Murder in the First returns for season 2, premiering on June 8, 2015, starring Taye Diggs as Detective Terry English and Kathleen Robertson as Detective Hildy Mulligan.

These San Francisco homicide detectives are summoned once again to solve a deadly, mysterious murder… in the First.  In the midst of these two occasionally butting heads to crack this season’s single murder case that unfolds for the duration of the season, catch a glimpse of the Haze Dual Vaporizer in Episode 6 on July 13, 2015 as a character takes a cool, smooth hit from the portable vaporizer while in bed! 

To see more about the details and airing of all TNT Murder in the First episodes, be sure to visit TNT TV Guide page. For the latest information, go to the show’s official TNT page, where you can see casts, synopsis, and trailers on past and upcoming episodes. 

The Haze Dual Vaporizer exposure in this new detective show is one of several placements to find the Haze that ranges from hot TV shows to feature films with A-list stars, so be sure to check out updates on our website for news like this to keep a lookout for the Haze as it continues to be a hit among celebrities!


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