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Why won’t my Square charge?

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Q: Why won’t my Square charge?

1. Check your cords

With your Square kit you should have received two separate cords. First a shorter cord that has a USB-C on one end and a USB on the other. This cord is mainly to be used with a computer for software updates or adjusting settings with the app. It will charge your Square but not nearly as fast as the wall outlet. The second cord, it will be longer than the first and have USB-C on both ends. This cord is to be used with the the wall outlet block and should charge your Square in approximately 40 minutes.

2. Check the connection

Please make sure the USB-C is fully connected into the unit. You will hear it click into place for both the wall block and the Square. Also to note the Square and wall outlet charger will not work with any other USB-C cord or block it must be the Haze wall block and Haze USB-C cord these wires are specifically designed to withhold the proper amperage needed to fast charge.

3. Update Firmware

You may install the update with the following set of instructions:

4. Wait for Square to Cool

Depending on how hot the Square is it may not start charging immediately when its connected to a charger. There is a built in safety feature to prevent overheating that will delay charging until the unit has cooled down significantly.

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