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I cannot get any vapor?

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Q: I cannot get any vapor?

For optimum performance or troubleshooting vapor output please check the following,

1. Fully charge battery before use.
2. Check coil to make sure that it is firing.
3. Air filters are securely in place. Nothing is moving or dislocated.
4. Perforations in air filters and pods are clear and clean of material or residue. Nothing should block the air flow.
5. Lid and tray should seamlesly come together.
6. Finely ground herb is HIGHLY recommended for even vaporization and vapor production.
7. For DRY – Pod should be FULL (less material will result in less visible vapor).
8. Tamp down your herb so it is snug in the pod. NO loose or free falling material inside the pod.
9. Press and hold start button until the light is green. Begin to inhale 1-2 seconds after green light to avoid risk of combustion. Continue to hold button down until you stop inhaling.
10. Increase/decrease temperature settings as needed using the free app.
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