Which Vaporizers Are Perfect For Tailgating During This New Baseball Season?

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Which Vaporizers Are Perfect For Tailgating During This New Baseball Season?

The 2016 baseball season has commenced! And so has tailgating. Food, friends, booze, music, and now vaporizers are included in the fun and entertainment prior the game.  Although this great all-American sport has been around for a long time, tailgating was not a part of sporting events until 1869. Now, we cannot think about a baseball or football game without tailgating.

Originally, this was done in the parking lot by the stadium. Now, some colleges/towns have an area designed for great tailgating festivities. Southern universities like Auburn, LSU, and University of Alabama are big on tailgating before football games. Fans even have their own tent with a lounge area, TV, and a grill! 


Tailgating is usually done outdoors, so having a portable vaporizer that provides you with all you need to have a long-lasting vaping experience is a must. What are the key features you should look for in a best portable vaporizer for tailgating?

  1. Charging method: you don’t want to run out of power with no plugs near you.
  2. Battery life/vaping session duration: tailgating lasts about 2-3 hours. Make sure your vaporizer has a good battery life or replaceable batteries to keep going.
  3. Sharing system: tailgating is all about having a good time with friends before the game. You want to share your goodies with them, so finding a vaporizer that has removable mouthpieces and can be easily shared is a plus.
  4. Portability: you want to keep all the accessories and parts in the same place for convenient transportation. Many vaporizers have nice accessories but they are lacking of a case or device to store them. In addition, these must be pocketable and discreet.

If you have a vaporizer that meets the criteria, you are good to go tailgating and have the best possible experience! Of course, make sure you abide with the law.

Here at Haze Technologies, sporting events and outdoor activities are important to us. We create products designed to provide the best vaping experience outdoors. This new baseball season has inspired us to put together an accessory package that has all you need for tailgating (at a much reduced price). Learn more HERE.


More on portable vaporizers

It is well known now that high-quality vaporizers are a healthier alternative to smoking. A study conducted by the Public Health England confirmed that e-cigarettes and vaporizers are 95% less harmful than smoking. There are also many different types of vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers have been around a bit longer, but pen-style vaporizers and handheld vaporizers are the new trend of the industry. However, not all portable vaporizers are created equal. Many small, pen-style vaporizers still combust the material because the coil is too close to the oil or concentrate. You want to find a device that truly vaporize to get all the benefits of the vaporization method. How to find out? Some experienced vapers go by taste. Another way is to select a vaporizer that has convection heating method availability. The perks of having a pocket-sized portable vaporizer is to take it with you to concerts, camping, tailgating, festivals, and any outdoor activities and still be discreet about it. We recommend checking the vape technology and its durability for these types of events and activities.






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