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We are quickly approaching the first official day of summer (6/20/16), and there are many great opportunities to explore by yourself, with friends or even your good ol pal the Haze Dual Vaporizer. Everything from large scale events to a simple family BBQ the Haze Dual is the perfect summer companion.


Many of the popular music festivals will run throughout the summer. Just to name a few there is Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Firefly, Coachella, and Sxsw. Whether you prefer to be the rager in the crowd or watching from a far, the Haze Dual material canisters make it as easy as possible to swap out sessions without missing a moment of the event. Just make sure to bring your accessory key chain or leather travel case because these tiny canister are both easy to load and just as easy to lose but very essential to keeping the party going!

BBQ’s are my personal favorite and I find it especially nice when I am not in charge of the grill. There are not many things I can imagine being better than a beer in one hand, the Haze Dual in the other while enjoying the smell of grilled meats and an endless line of fattening foods. Even if you are not one for home BBQing, there are several BBQ events including the Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour, Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival, and the prestigious Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational! These cook offs you cannot beat! They typically have low entry fees or food pricing and overall focus more on the food competition. These chefs are here to impress and nothing says hungry like the munchies!


Now that the weather is nice again and the grass is growing, the excitement for summer sports beings. Start your baseball season right whether it be just for fun or a professional game, don’t forget to bring your Haze Dual alongside. Perfect for tailgating, the Dual’s interchangeable batteries can last for hours and are easily interchanged with replacement batteries. These batteries really come in handy because combined with the Haze Wall Charger/Powerbank they can also power other devices without the need for an outlet. Bluetooth stereo dead? Just plug in the Haze Powerbank and problem solved!

The summer fun is soon to begin bringing all the great events, festivals, BBQ’s and sports. Therefore when you’re out and about starting a new adventure, don’t forget to bring your buddy the Haze Dual for yourself or to share with friends!

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