FDA regulations on vaporizers and vaping industry effects

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FDA Regulations on Vaping

FDA has recently announced their regulations on the vaping industry and many vaporizer manufacturers and accessory builders have been covered under the proposed rules. The regulations require significant amount of legal time, documentation and certifications to be obtained and submitted before the end of the year deadline for all manufacturers of the industry. Many small size vape companies will suffer from the regulatory obligations but most importantly, the industry may not see new vaporizer products after December for a while since FDA will not allow sale of new products until they are submitted and approved by the FDA.

There are many arguments in the vaping community, protesting these regulations since some people argue that it adversely affect businesses but we elect to look at it from another angle. Over the last several years, the vaping market has been populated with thousands of products that have no production control, no engineering or safety measures, no documentation or obligation to adhere to public safety or quality control. Although we believe in business growth and equal opportunity for all manufacturers to take their place in the market, we also believe that the regulations are necessary to ensure good quality vape products are placed on the shelves. This is necessary not only from the public safety perspective but also for the future growth of the industry.

As Haze Technologies, we are pleased to announce that we have already submitted our application to FDA for our Haze Dual V3. We are also in the process of application for our several new coming, innovative portable vaporizers. We have invested many years of engineering, production and quality control measures in our technology so we not only release one of a kind, best portable vaporizer products but also strictly follow the best practices for safety and public health for the customers who use Haze products.

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  • Victor

    Wow, had no idea that this happened. Knew that there were new regulations but didn’t see the specifics until now and how it impacted the release of new vapes. I’m hoping that this at the least reduces the amount of dangerously low quality vapes that hit the shelves. I mean, you look at some of the vapes, like that “Palm Vaporizer” that’s made out of plastic and you pretty much know there’s something wrong. So if the new regulations help keep the really crumby vapes off the market, at least there’s some benefit to it.

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