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Haze V3 Advantage

Haze Dual V3 premium features which no other portable vape can match.

Best portable vaporizer winner: Haze Dual V3 edition offers 10 premium features. Top quality vapor, ultimate portability, and infinite versatility for your vaping sessions.

Best Portable Vaporizer - Dual Chambers

1.  Dual Chambers

Custom Design Your Vaping Experience

The world’s first and only dual chamber portable vaporizer. It allows you to enjoy twice the capacity with interchangeable chambers. One of the best portable vaporizer features. Vape different material types or double up on the same material.

Dual Canisters

2.  Portable Chamber Canisters

Pack Them With Favorites Ahead of Time

The Haze pre-packable canisters give you the ultimate portability to vape outdoors. Camping? At a Concert? Tailgating? Take pre-packed cans with you and forget about loading them in public. No more worrying about grinding, loading, cleaning. Another reason why Haze V3 is the best portable vaporizer for outdoor users.

Dual Canisters
Haze Longest Lasting Batteries For The Best Portable Vaporizer

3.  Replaceable Batteries

Re-Charge and Take all You Need. Anywhere

Haze batteries are removable and rechargeable. You can conveniently replace your drained battery with a charged one within seconds. No more worrying about running out of juice.

Versatile Vaping best portable vaporizer

4.Versatile Vaping / All Materials / Best Portable Vaporizer

Vape with Dry Herbs, Wax, Liquids, and Oils

The Haze Dual V3 is compatible with all material types. You can either double your favorite dry herb, oil, wax, liquid or have a different material in each chamber during your vaping session. Discover your perfect combination.

Versatile Vaping
Precision Temperature

5.  Precision Temperature

Stay in Total Control in Any Environment

Choose from 4 temperature settings to vape your material. The Haze temperature regulator is not affected by altitude, humidity, outside temperature or air pressure. Each chamber can be heated at different temperatures to provide superior vaporization. Haze V3 is a clear winner of the best portable vaporizer category.

Longer Sessions

6.  Longer Sessions

Extend Your Sessions As Long As You Want

Thanks to the dual chambers, replaceable Lithium Ion batteries, and long battery life, you can prolong your vaping sessions anywhere, anytime.

Longer Sessions
 Convection AND Conduction

7.  Convection AND Conduction

Select Your Preferred Heating Method to Vape

Select your preferred heating method to vape. Are you a cloud chaser? Prefer thicker, more visible vapor? or a smoother draw with taste. The Haze Dual V3 offers both. You can choose the heating method that suits you the best.

Coolest Vapor / Easiest Draw

8.  Coolest Vapor / Easiest Draw

Patented Heat Exchange / No Draw Restriction

Once the chamber is heated at the desired temperature, Haze patented heat-exchange system delivers a cool vapor output. You can draw as much as you want without burning your mouth.

Coolest Vapor / Easiest Draw
New Mouthpiece Design

9.  New Mouthpiece Design

Discreet Adjustable Height and Easy to Clean

The top lip allows you to easily remove the mouthpiece for cleaning and can be adjusted at any height. Extremely discreet.

Ultimate Portability

10.  Ultimate Portability

Fit Discreetly into Any Coat or Jean Pocket

Modern and compact design. Haze dual V3 fits in any jean pocket or purse. You can conveniently take Haze anywhere you go.

Ultimate Portability

Why Haze V3 is the best portable vaporizer?

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